We are who we meet.

We started out like a blank sheet of paper, with everything still to be written. Or just like a malleable material, worked day after day with our own hands, and also by the hands of the people we meet. A company alone can't make the difference: because it's made up of materials, products and processes but also - or above all - of people.

1995 Fast is founded.
The Levrangi family chose aluminium as its preferred material for its products. A new generation of modern outdoor patio furniture was born, perfectly combining practicality and resistance with comfort and beauty: real outdoor living rooms.

2007 A designer touch.
Thanks to the partnership with Robby Cantarutti & Partners, the Forest modern outdoor furniture collection made its début, which is still one of the company's best-sellers.

2013 Machines supporting humans. Humans supporting humans.
The introduction of lean production and the implementation of robotic units substantially increased work and product quality.

2017 New materials for new shapes.
The partnership with Studio Lievore Altherr in Barcelona paved the way for new experimentation, in terms of both materials and style. 

2017 A second home.
The new showroom, housed inside an old and respectfully renovated 19th century building: this was once the region's main cotton factory. The past is a memory that keeps track of our encounters, but it’s also the future: the possibilities of the encounters yet to come.

Local area

You can only meet someone in one place and at one moment in time. But then you meet them again, over and over.

Fast could only ever be established in Valle Sabbia, where working iron dates back to ancient times. For centuries, the people of Valle Sabbia have played around and fought with metals: they've bent them and forged them, transforming them into objects needed for work, religion and leisure pursuits. This tradition continued all the way until the mid-20th century and formed the technical and cultural basis - the famous “know-how” - to create companies such as Fast.

The nature surrounding Vestone accompanies us and our work: it forms part of our daily life as well as being the backdrop for our modern patio outdoor furniture. This is also where our specific talent comes from: our level of care and attention for meticulous and quality work and respect for the material. Once upon a time it was iron, today it’s aluminium, combined with brand-new, cutting-edge materials. It’s a different kind of hard work. The passion is exactly the same.



Meeting is believing: that an encounter - in itself casual - can lead to a choice.

Our market positioning is in the "outdoor lifestyle” segment: a door opens, take a step and you're outside - in your garden, or in a large park, a town square, a city street, a seafront patio or a terrace in a megacity surrounded by skyscrapers. 

The tradition we believe in is all about humans meeting the earth. There is no future without the past. There is no world without the awareness and the memory of our childhood home.

The innovation we believe in is all about humans meeting machines. With the latter supporting the former, and never the other way around. Where arms can become mechanical because we need more power and repetitiveness and greater precision, safety and control.

The nature we believe in is a landscape: an environment embraced by humans, by our gaze and by our perspective. This nature is never hostile, it's a place where you can enjoy life, mixed with urban spaces, and recreated in the gardens surrounding people’s homes.

The aesthetics we believe in have always had an ethical side: beauty cannot exist without sustainability, reliability and care: care for people, resources and the environment.


Every encounter is an opportunity to expand our point of view

Chairs and tables - like any other object - can express a world view: a unique perspective of the person who wants them and designs them.

We love simple, elegant, timeless designs. We are grateful to our past but always point towards the future. We believe that products should last over time: it’s longevity that involves both materials and style.

For us, comfort is a broad concept. It means the functionality of handy, multi-functional, stackable, modular products. But it’s also about pleasing aesthetics, when an object is positioned in a place that really sets it off and inspires: beauty also has a role to play, and its own ethics.