Fast Lab 

FastLab is not just an exhibition space, but a real laboratory of ideas where opportunities for dialogue between designers and training meetings can be promoted.

FastLab is housed in an old cotton factory located in Roé, on Lake Garda. Founded in 1882 on the site where before there was only a mill and a hammer, was run by different families of industrialists (the Frua, the De Angeli); in 1923 the workshop employed over 600 people and was the heart of a small community here. After the Second World War, there was gradual decline and, in 1958, it was definitively closed. The renovation work aimed to be as respectful as possible. Still today, when you enter this building, you get the feeling of being in a 19th century factory.

FastLab is divided into 4 main areas:

1. The actual exhibition area, where all collections are present in a harmonious dialogue of colours and fabrics.

2. The sample room, where Fast’s materials are exposed in maxi format: fabrics, stoneware, ropes, carpets, finishes. Also in this area it is possible to observe the different phases of aluminum processing - from chips to the painted product - as well as extruded samples: a testimony of the internal production and our idea of Made in Italy related to the protection of local know-how.

3. The break out and dining area: an open bar with dining area for dinner and/or lunch and indoor kitchen.

4. The meeting/training and event area: 3 meeting areas and a fourth space for speeches and video conferences (with projector).

1700 square meters total, for an environment illuminated by natural light, that enters abundant by large windows, and made even more welcoming by the presence of plants and nature sounds in the background.

ONLY ON APPOINTMENT Via Arnoldo Bellini 9A, 25077 Roé Volciano (BS)