Our idea of sustainability

Caring about the environment has become a global issue these last few years, but it has been a key principle in our vision from the get-go. To such an extent that all our 5 values are specific takes on our idea of sustainability. Certifications such as the EPD Declaration or the use of the LCA method to monitor the environmental footprint of a majority of products along their entire life cycle are the concrete and measurable result of this engagement.

Smart Nature

We look to a future where the protection of the environment will be a prerequisite for every business idea. In order to make this vision a reality, we have identified “innovation” and “respect” as the key words at the core of our smart nature.

Made in Italy

Our excellence Made in Italy is the expression and consequence of a strong bond with our roots. We work in a place with which we are deeply connected, involving suppliers who share our values and our way of doing business.

100% Outdoor

The outdoors is central to our identity and our philosophy. A love of nature in all its forms and a passion for design that is in harmonious dialogue with open spaces is paramount.

Timeless design

Our idea of a sustainable product is very clear: it should respect low-impact production standards, and it should be long-lasting, both in terms of material durability and timeless style.

Function & Feeling

It is our passion for what we do that makes us tireless experimenters, always led by the needs of our clients. Function
can never be separated from feeling.