Solaris is an invitation to relax and contemplate the great outdoors. Its name draws its inspiration from the famous film by Tarkovskij, replicating its suggestions, the immersion in nature captured as time slowly goes by. Nature, which in the film is smooth, animated, dreamlike, triggered the idea for a collection which aims to be a land on the border, where indoors and outdoors liaise, where individuals interact with space. A veritable open-air sitting room devised for both residential and contract settings, where the welcoming shapes, softened by the generous cushions, manages to distinguish the setting without being overbearing; the illusion provided by the suspension effect simply enhances its poetical magic. In Solaris, the vast ocean which covers the surface of the planet interacts with its inhabitants; similarly, the modules of this collection - which can be combined freely - lend themselves to the creative dialogue with the surrounding environment.

Design Alberto Lievore