100% Outdoor

The more time we spend in the virtual world, shut away indoors, the stronger our need to spend time outdoors. Gardens, woods, meadows, the seaside, sunny fields or narrow mountain paths... a world where perfumes, sounds and colours correspond, as Baudelaire once wrote.

We furnish outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed in complete relaxation, all year round, thanks to products designed and built to withstand all temperatures and weather conditions. Tables, chairs, containers and furnishing accessories that are resistant and easy to care for, practical, comfortable and versatile. Perfect for Fast’s everyday Living in Nature concept.

Explore our idea of sustainability

Smart Nature

We look to a future where the protection of the environment will be a prerequisite for every business idea. In order to make this vision a reality, we have identified “innovation” and “respect” as the key words at the core of our smart nature.

Made In Italy

Our excellence Made in Italy is the expression and consequence of a strong bond with our roots. We work in a place with which we are deeply connected, involving suppliers who share our values and our way of doing business.

Timeless Design

Our idea of a sustainable product is very clear: it should respect low-impact production standards, and it should be long-lasting, both in terms of material durability and timeless style.

Function & Feeling

It is our passion for what we do that makes us tireless experimenters, always led by the needs of our clients. Function
can never be separated from feeling.