Made In Italy

Nature encompasses everything that surrounds us: places, people, resources, traditions. We aim to enhance the value of Italian excellence, our distinctive trait, that effortless sense of beauty which the rest of the world admires and acknowledges.

But roots does not mean closure. In recent years we have experienced a period of rapid growth with a strong international outlook. We sell all over the world through our sales partners and over 80% of Fast’s turnover is generated abroad. In 2021 we expanded and upgraded our production and logistics facilities, and in addition to the production hub in Vestone, Fast now has a new logistics hub as well as a prestigious showroom on Lake Garda, housed in a 19th-century building.

Explore our idea of sustainability

Smart Nature

We look to a future where the protection of the environment will be a prerequisite for every business idea. In order to make this vision a reality, we have identified “innovation” and “respect” as the key words at the core of our smart nature.

100% Outdoor

The outdoors is central to our identity and our philosophy. A love of nature in all its forms and a passion for design that is in harmonious dialogue with open spaces is paramount.

Timeless Design

Our idea of a sustainable product is very clear: it should respect low-impact production standards, and it should be long-lasting, both in terms of material durability and timeless style.

Function & Feeling

It is our passion for what we do that makes us tireless experimenters, always led by the needs of our clients. Function
can never be separated from feeling.