Studio Lievore Altherr

Studio Lievore Altherr - Alberto Lievore (Buenos Aires, 1948) and Jeannette Altherr (Heidelberg, 1965) – was born in 2016 in Barcelona after a 25 year career as Lievore Altherr Molina. Its design activity has been recognised over the years with prestigious national and international awards. 

To name a few: Premio Nacional de Diseño (1999), Iconic Awards (2015), iF Gold Award (2015), ADI Index (2015) and Compasso d’oro (2016).

The Studio Lievore Altherr is specialised in realizing creative concepts that sensitively integrate the design of the product with the relative communication. It also deals in strategic consultancy and creative and artistic direction for design companies renowned worldwide.

This holistic approach, humanistic vision and the search for the essential in their projects, com-bined with a sensibility that transmits harmony and balance, characterize the designs of “Lievore Altherr.”