Coral Beach Resort – Dutch Caribbean

The Dutch Caribbean comprises six islands of the Kingdom of the Netherlands located in the Caribbean. A mosaic of cultures and influences, these territories afford a spectacular landscape and offer entertainment and relaxation in close contact with nature and to suit all tastes: from deep-sea diving to excursions and a relaxing beach life.

As regards the latter, the local “pink beaches” are quite famous: thanks to the fragments of coral mixed with the grains, the sand turns a soft pink hue at sunset. This is the picture-perfect setting of the Coral Beach Resort.

Fast was in charge of furnishing the outdoor spaces: the restaurant area portico which faces the sea as well as the private terrace. The evocative graphic patterns on the armchairs and stools from the Forest collection combined with the tables from the Omnia Selection collection liaise with elements from the landscape: from the palm trees stirred by the wind, to the undulating movements of the waves.

Fast products:

FOREST Dining armchairs and stools