Dragsholm Slot Restaurant - Geopark Oldsherred (Denmark)

Dating back to over 800 years ago, the massive Danish fortress of Dragsholm Slot stands on the banks of the river Lammefjord, which is also known as “Denmark’s orchard”. The landscape that stretches out all around it - with its coves, woods, fields and the extraordinary light which characterises the peninsula of Odsherred - is classified as a Unesco World Heritage Site.

The restaurant celebrates Scandinavian cuisine and boasts a Michelin star. Elaborate dishes made with local vegetables of the highest quality are served under the impressive white stone arches, but also outside on the terrace which overlooks the castle gardens.

And it is precisely here, in the Bastion, that the Scandinavian design of the pergola and tables comes together with the delicate graphics and the pastel colours of our Forest metal restaurant chairs.

Photography: Thors Design

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