Color Revolution

An outdoor space just the way you want it?

Whether it is your back garden, the patio at your seaside or country holiday home, or the outdoor setting of a hotel, the possibility of choosing from hundreds of options is an extraordinary design opportunity. The large quantity of materials, fabrics and finishes in the Fast catalogue allows you to mix & match the combinations for nearly endless possibilities.

Every piece of Fast furniture is a customised product based on the customer’s specific requirements, capable of adapting to any setting, usage, style and personal taste.


14 frames

Speckled aluminium

2 frames

Wood/faux wood

3 frames


4 frames

Porcelain stoneware range 1 

3 frames

Porcelain stoneware range 2

7 frames

Ropes/flat ropes

7 frames

Batyline range 1

7 frames

Batyline range 2

8 frames

Fabrics range 1

13 frames

Fabrics range 2

7 frames

Fabrics range 3

45 frames

Waterproof laminated fabrics

11 frames


5 frames

Possible combinations of materials, frames and colours

Chairs and stools

Sofas and armchairs 

Sunlounger and benches

Tables and coffee tables