Each Fast’s product - manufactured using die-casting and aluminium alloy extrusion processes - is rust resistant, recyclable and remarkably weather resistant. Regular laboratory tests guarantee a constant high level of quality when the products are properly used.

Fast is in constant search for product improvement. Hence, the illustrations and technical data given on the website may be amended at any moment. The products’ colours shown on screen may not be exactly as they really are, therefore should be taken as purely indicative.



Aluminium, wood effect, HPL, teak, iroko, porcelain stoneware and natural stone require no particular maintenance. Day-to-day cleaning should be carried out with lukewarm water and neutral detergent using a soft cloth. Do not use aggressive abrasive acid- or alkali-based products unless first tested on a small hidden surface. Should any product accidentally fall onto the natural stone, clean it immediately. We recommend you to clean the draining knitted fabric using a damp cloth. In the event of tough stains, we recommend you to pour a small quantity of neutral soap onto a damp cloth and to clean the surface gently. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water and leave the fabric to dry completely. Avoid rubbing too energetically.

Do not use products inappropriately / Do not use products on uneven or irregular surfaces / Do not drag products. Lift them up / Do not clean with aggressive and/or abrasive substances / Do not sit and stand on tables / Check periodically that the screws are tight / Protect from knocks and pointed or sharp objects / Do not cover with plastic cloths or sheets / Do not leave any objects on the surface for long periods.