Relais San Vigilio - Bergamo (Italy)

In Bergamo there is a hill, a castle and a Relais which all share the same name: San Vigilio. The Relais, a former complex of barracks for soldiers and private residences, was restored by the architect Leonardo Togni and is now a cosy boutique hotel, affording splendid views over the old Bergamo and the extensive plain below.

The interiors are reminiscent of traditional structure and furnishings: from the brick and stone ceiling vaults in the breakfast room to the façades - plastered, decorated with slaked lime as was tradition in the past. And also torch-shaped iron lamps, large mirrors, and elegantly crafted beds. The new coexists with the old: wooden floorboards for the bedrooms contrasting with high-tech, designer objects.

The terrace opens up to the beauty of a breathtaking view. Here, guests can enjoy a hearty breakfast, a rich brunch, an aperitif, but also a full-scale dinner. The gardens are home to several reserved areas in which to relax, read, enjoy some fresh air and the surrounding nature. The seats placed outdoors are the Zebra garden chairs and lounge chairs: the alternation of blocks and voids creates a pleasant dynamism with the sun-rays, in a game of hide-and-seek amid shadows and light.

Design: Leonardo Togni

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ZEBRA chairs and lounge chairs