Fast and Chopard - 1st Leg

Fast technical partner of Chopard Italia events

1st leg: Brescia - the Mille Miglia

Fast furnishes three prestigious locations in the heart of Brescia intended for the Chopard display on the occasion of the legendary car race, the Mille Miglia.
Chopard and Mille Miglia share the Outdoor Lifestyle by Fast during an event dedicated to rediscovering “Made in Italy” in all its forms.
Style, tradition, technology and beauty play the starring role of an exciting race dedicated to fans of life in the open air.
High quality, craftsmanship, sustainability and innovation are the values which brought together Fast and Chopard. Two concerns joined by a great passion, the passion for design.

The Zebra, Forest and Aikana collections will continue to adorn the backdrop to Chopard events...
Follow us to find out the upcoming legs of their journey!

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