Some people are better suited to meeting others. The same goes for materials.

It’s light, the lightest out of all the materials that are normally used: it's a third of the weight of steel.
It is versatile and malleable: like hot wax in the expert hands of those who know how to work it.
It is resistant to rust, ageing and weather and does not require maintenance.
It is non-toxic and can be recycled indefinitely.
In 1995, we chose aluminium as the material for our outdoor furniture. We combined it with other noble materials - stone, wood, fabric - natural or recreated. We’ve created movement with different textures, created warmth with colours and softness with wool. We’ve brought out its soft and human side.


We must never stop deserving our encounters.

In 2013, we introduced lean production. Breaking manufacturing down into ‘sections’ has created some tangible benefits: greater efficiency, quality, customer service and more satisfaction and peace of mind for workers.
One of the strong points we are famous for is our customisation. We don't depend on subcontractors, meaning we can do everything and do it quickly: variations and customisations. That's why the contract market isn't just a simple business choice - it’s the spontaneous result of our talent.


The environment

Arrivals and departures... in life, everything is a cycle.

And when it comes to our attention to the environment, that cycle has a specific name: the Life Cycle Assessment.
Thanks to the LCA method, we have been able to monitor the impact of most of our products throughout their life-cycle, from when they are raw materials to when they become an end product. This enables us to assess how to isolate inefficiencies and reduce waste. For a company like ours which has embraced an outdoor lifestyle, safeguarding the environment is both a necessity and a raison d'être.