Fast Lab

There are places that preserve the memory of the encounters that took place there.
These are “rich” places that can “talk” to us in a certain way. This building, which first opened its doors in 1882 as a cotton factory - with initially only a mill and a mallet - was run by different families of industrialists (the Frua and the De Angeli families). In 1923, the workshop employed over 600 people and was the heart of a small community here. After the Second World War, there was gradual decline and, in 1958, it was definitively closed. 
The renovation work aimed to be as respectful as possible. Still today, when you enter this building, you get the feeling of being in a 19th century factory.

Fast Lab is on the first floor. The large windows allow plenty of natural daylight to enter. This is an open space without the interruption of any walls - rhythm in the room is instead created by the white, cast iron columns and the wooden beams along the ceiling: the ideal setting for our aluminium patio furniture, in an “interior” that resembles an airy “outside” space. Welcomed by a past that seems to echo in our present.

Via Arnoldo Bellini. 9A
25077 Roé Volciano (BS)