Color Revolution

An outdoor space just the way you want it?

Whether it is your back garden, the patio at your seaside or country holiday home, or the outdoor setting of a hotel, the possibility of choosing from hundreds of options is an extraordinary design opportunity. The large quantity of materials, fabrics and finishes in the Fast catalogue allows you to mix & match the combinations for nearly endless possibilities.

Every piece of Fast furniture is a customised product based on the customer’s specific requirements, capable of adapting to any setting, usage, style and personal taste.

Green Symphony

This moodboard is reminiscent of the surfaces and colours of a lush forest. It plays on light and dark green tones of the Menta, Amazzonia and Selva fabrics. These interact with two exotic aluminium shades: Green Tea and Dark Green. Like a lunar ray penetrating from above in the thick foliage, the Moon-toned rope creates a distinctive accent.

Green has long represented life, growth and youth: in the past, this colour was deemed synonymous with magical healing powers and good health. Green - in all its shades - is a perfect colour for outdoor furnishing because it can create suggestive tone-on-tone combinations, blending into the surrounding environment. Its relaxing and calming qualities merge with the tranquillity of the natural spaces, producing an enveloping, immersive result. The use of super-light accents helps define and highlight, creating a refined graphic impact.

Between Sky and Sea

This moodboard looks to the classics in its textures, exploring all the chromatic possibilities of the multiform colour blue: from dark blue skies (the Dark Blue finish) to the busy surface of Cima Blue, which resembles a body of water with foamy white waves; from the Ocean rope to the refined and solid Slate Blue; from River to the timeless Denim, which was once - not by chance - the chosen fabric of sailors (it was called the 'Genoa fabric').

Blue is a somewhat mysterious colour: just by looking at it, we feel lighter and dreamier. It is solid, reliable and soothing, and in an outdoor environment, it inevitably recalls water and its enveloping feature. It is perfect by the seashore or the lake; it conjures up images of vacations and nostalgia, and is as welcoming as an embrace. It is a refined and versatile choice, whatever the context.

Fast’s furniture allows you to furnish your outdoor space practically to measure. The proof? It is enough to make a quick count: calculating the total number of possible combinations between the aluminum finishes (14), the ropes (7) and the fabrics (53) you get a total of 5,194. There really is something for all tastes, environments and styles!

Mother Earth

Warm and textured hues for this moodboard, which is reminiscent of the earth. The aluminium "warms up" thanks to the Terracotta finishing, while the Copper felt adds an antique tactile effect. The Blush and Kelso Pink fabrics introduce a light-dark graphic juxtaposition, bringing into contact earthy tones and very light auroral features; the Starfish fabric embodies the more exotic soul of this combination, further defined by the Arizona rope, whose name immediately guides our thoughts towards the sunburnt deserts.

But all variations of brown are reminiscent of Mother Earth: it's a solid, atavistic, tactile and even sensual colour. It is the colour of fullness, of plentifulness; it evokes the earth - a material we mould - and it is the colour of doing: of building, constructing, giving protection and persistence. In an outdoor environment, brown is the colour which best interacts with the surrounding green for a harmonious and complementary result. It has a rustic feel and can warm up any environment.

Let It Snow

This moodboard has a Nordic feel to it and it places white at the centre: this colour has the incredible ability to always take on new shades; it is much livelier than that image of absoluteness and immobility which are often associated with it. The very same hue conveys a different vibe depending on the material it is combined with, whether that's fabric (White, Cotton and Pergamena), batyline (White), aluminium (White and Creamy White), Hpl (White) and stoneware (Snow). Two greys - the Moon rope and the Cima Grey fabric - come together to bring solidity.

Just like black, white is a chromatic extreme. It often reminds us of light and emptiness, two presences/absences which we often find in Nordic environments: the endless expanses of white, silence and purity. In furnishing, it is the ultimate minimalist colour and the one which best represents its rigour. If in ‘complete white’, any outdoor environment will take on an iconic and refined character, thanks to this colour's ability to harmonise with any hue without ever disappearing. It is very much a conscious declaration of style.